Testing in life sciences, including medical tests and drug development, begins by isolating the molecules to be tested from bodily fluids. Life Magnetics, Inc. provides sample preparation kits which isolates ribonucleic acids (RNA) from biological materials such as blood, saliva, tissues, and plant matter.

After RNA extraction from the source sample occurs, upstream analysis with techniques such as reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), RNA sequencing (gene sequencing), array analysis, northern blots, or cDNA library construction are used by researches and technicians for drug development, medical diagnostics and prognostics, life science research, and bioengineered food.

“What’s driving the rapid growth of the top 20 biopharma companies in the world,” an article published by John Carroll in Endpoints News, notes that over the past six years the valuation of the top 20 biopharma companies has doubled with companies such as Johnson & Johnson increasing 351%. A survey of researchers at the companies included revealed that they believe the top three growth areas between 2018 and 2028 will be: RNA technology, gene therapies and gene editing.

The field of RNA technology expects major growth because it expresses which genes are being actively used throughout the body, plant, organism, etc., making improvements in medical treatments, drug development, disease identification, and more. A person’s, or organism’s, DNA never changes; and therefore, DNA analysis cannot yield the same results.

Although DNA doesn’t change, we use different genes at various stages of life and we use different genes in response to stress or disease. DNA analysis provides a copy of the code, while RNA analysis tells us which parts of the code are being actively used, therefore, providing much richer information to medical professionals and researchers.

Life Magnetics, Inc. has developed a revolutionary technology which makes RNA analysis easier, less prone to error, cheaper, and faster. Our patented carbon-based surface chemistry isolates single-stranded nucleic acids with perfect yield and purity from even the most complicated biological matrices.

The goal of Life Magnetics, Inc. is to make RNA extraction, currently very difficult and tedious, as simple and robust as DNA purification. Gel electrophoresis shows no detectable DNA contamination with Life Magnetics, Inc. tested samples, while silia-based competing RNA isolation kits and treatment with DNase show moderate to heavy DNA contamination.