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Our carbon-based surface chemistry isolates single-stranded nucleic acids with perfect yield and purity from even the most complicated biological matrices.


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Carbon vs. Silica RNA Isolation

Life Magnetics, Inc. has developed a carbon based surface chemistry for separating RNA. This carbon surface produces RNA with unparalleled purity. Compared to a major competitor, the carbon based surface yields more RNA and even with DNase treatment, the competing product cannot obtain the same level of purity as our carbon based product.

A. Life Magnetics, Inc. are DNA free (left) as compared to silica based products (right)

B. Reverse transcribed sequences are amplified as normal for both Life Magnetics and competing kits.

C. Life Magnetics, Inc. kits show a much lower background for non-reverse transcribed control samples; typically 10-12 fold lower than samples processed with silica beads and cleaned up with DNase.

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