Carbon-Based RNA Extraction

Our RNA Isolation Kits utilize a specific carbon-based surface chemistry to isolate single-stranded nucleic acids with perfect yield and purity from even the most complicated biological matrices.


RNA Purification from Tissues

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Advantages of Carbon-Based RNA Extraction

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Life Magnetics, Inc. has developed a carbon-based surface chemistry for RNA extraction. The carbon surfaces are selective for single stranded nucleic acids and isolate RNA sequences with better purity and yield than silica-based magnetic bead kits.

Carbon-based purification kits exhibit no detectable DNA contamination (lane 1 and 2). Silica-based RNA isolation kits show heavy DNA contamination (lane 3); even after treatment with DNase (lane 4).

Life Magnetics purification kits yield high purity RNA suitable for analysis by methods such as RNA sequencing, northern blot analysis, and RT-qPCR.

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